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Caesars Palace is one of the oldest and most typical hotels in Las Vegas. The rooms of the hotel, built in 1966 in the Greco-Roman style, are very luxurious. The rooms in the higher categories are fitted with marble bathtubs, whirlpools and mirrored ceilings.

In order to reach this mega-hotel the visitor must first pass through the Roman Plaza. This is an ancient Roman forum. In addition to this can be seen high cypresses, Roman temples, fountains and busts, arches and replicas of the Buddhist shrines of Thailand.

A further attraction of Caesars Palace is the Colosseum with its 4,100 seats. Well-known personalities like Bette Midler, Elton John or the comedian Jerry Seinfeld appear here.

The unusual shopping mall called Forum Shops is a very attractive part of the hotel. The shopping mile lying directly on Las Vegas Boulevard is heeled by around 50 000 visitors each day and counts as the top address on the Strip.
Including the Forum Shops the hotel offers over 160 stores, 23 restaurants, 3 casinos, a wellness spa, the shopping mile the Appian Way, tennis courts and 4 entertainment lounges.

Caesars Palace

Number of Rooms: 3,340

129,000 square feet



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