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The Excalibur is one of the biggest hotels on the Strip. It is predominantly families who visit the medieval fairy-tale castle with its resplendently colored 265-feet high clock tower. At twilight and in the dark of night the hotel counts as one of the most spectacular that Las Vegas has to offer. The rooms of the Excalibur can be had at affordable rates.

In the interior of the Excalibur the journey into the past continues: visitors must pass through a cobblestoned lobby, past an atrium with massive stone walls and a three story high fountain, to the large reception area, which is flanked by suits of armor.

Via the 100,000 square feet casino, which counts among the largest in Las Vegas, can be found the Medieval Village, with stores and restaurants. Entertainment is also provided for on a steady basis � on the Court Jester's Stage can be seen jugglers, musicians, magicians and minstrels.

Every day swordfights and tournaments are put on in the hotel hall. These chivalric games, presented in a medieval arena, are called the Tournament of Kings Show.


Number of Rooms: 3,991


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More than 100,000 square feet



Tournament of the Kings
Thunder from Down Under
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