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The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino is one of the biggest hotels in the world. The resort, casino, and entertainment complex has 5,034 luxuriously renovated suites, two gigantic show rooms, a 270,000 square feet pool and spa area, the MGM Grand Garden, in which there is space for 17,157 spectators during concerts and sports events, and 16 gourmet and speciality restaurants. Celebrity chefs like Emeril Lagasse, Tom Collicho and Michael Mina indulge the guests here.

The glamorous MGM Vegas hotel calls itself ''The City of Entertainment,'' which is no exaggeration. Guests are met at the entrance by a 46-foot high lion, the largest bronze statue in the United States. This was built in honor of the roaring lion that historically stood as symbol of the MGM Film Studios.

Of course the entertainment program at the MGM Grand Hotel leaves nothing wanting. Dance shows and acrobatics such as "La Femme'' and "Ka'' are presented here. The hotel's main attraction is however the Lion Habitat, through which leads a glass tunnel. In this tunnel the MGM Vegas hotel's lions can be observed from all sides. The Lion Habitat provides the casino visitors with comprehensive information about these majestic big cats.

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Number of Rooms: 5,044

Lion Habitat

More than 170,000 square feet



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